Replenish. Rejuvenate. Revitalize.

IV Therapy & Wellness

Life Doesn’t Slow Down. Why Should you?

Stones River Hydration and Wellness offers customized IV hydration treatments for health and wellness support. Nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and fluids are rapidly absorbed into your body and provide relief for illness and ailments.

Replenish. Rejuvenate. Revitalize.

1 Liter IV fluid is equivalent to drinking 2.5 gallons of water.

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Specialty & Custom IV Therapies

Stones River Hydration offers specialty and custom vitamin IV therapies for common illnesses and everyday issues. Don’t know what you need? We’ll help you choose!


How Long Does It Take?

An IV infusion typically takes around 45 minutes.  We offer mini infusions that take around 30 minutes.

A Complementary Approach to Healing

Does your body need a reset?
Want to do something to boost your immune system?
Want to rid body of toxins?
Fluid deficit, altered nutrition, sleep pattern disturbance, impaired skin, alteration in the maintenance of health, anxiety, fatigue, stress, acute/chronic pain?
We are here to get you started and keep you looking and feeling healthy!


It’s never too late to feel your Best!

Whether traveling, training, performing, working or spending time with friends and family, you give it your all in everything you do. Sitting on the sidelines is not an option, which is why you can count on Stones River Hydration and Wellness to charge you up, optimize your performance, maintain your natural baseline of health and help you recover faster.

Hydration is important to absorb nutrients, reduce recovery time, flush toxins, improve cognitive function and improve skin, joint and muscle health. When your body is depleted of electrolytes, drinking water does not give the body the specific things it needs to perform at the highest levels. It’s also less efficient than administering fluids and nutrients directly to the cells. IV hydration is a faster, more efficient way to give the body what it needs to perform at the highest levels.

IV hydration is customized to your body. When you are well-hydrated you make better decisions and look and feel healthier!

100% Absorption

IV hydration and injections provide 100% absorption of fluid, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals by directly administering micronutrients into the bloodstream.

Cellular Vitality

Over time the body’s cells degrade and no longer healthfully divide. Through fluid, electrolyte, vitamin and mineral replenishment, cellular vitality can be restored.

Healing Power

The “disease model” of healthcare can sometimes mitigate the negative effect of declining health, but wellness requires the function of your body’s own healing power to preserve and restore health.

Functional Medicine

Boost energy levels
Improve immune health
Fight anxiety
Combat fatigue
Improve mental clarity and cognitive function
Accelerate wound healing
Athletic recovery
And more

Let us help you feel great from the inside out!

Let us help you feel great from the inside out! When your body isn’t hydrated you feel sluggish, foggy and have trouble concentrating. As experienced health care professionals, we know that IV fluids are the fastest way to rehydrate you and replenish the vitamins and minerals your body is lacking. Let us put you on the path to improved wellness!

Relax at Stones River Hydration and Wellness as you receive our IV services by a carefully selected trained professional. Our comfortable environment provides a convenient alternative to the hospital for medical conditions that require IV fluids. Lounge in our comfortable chairs, put your feet up and wrap yourself in a cozy blanket we provide.

What Our Clients Are Saying…



“Fantastic business to work with! Love the hydration IV… made me feel so energized for a trip out of the country! Friendly, informative staff, clean, and worth it! I would recommend to others.”

“Can’t say enough about Stones River Hydration! Inviting atmosphere! Great customer service! Just a wonderful place.”

“Stones River Hydration has been a huge blessing to me — I’ve been very sick during my pregnancy and have needed weekly IVs.”

“New resident to Murfreesboro and this local IV hydration is absolutely amazing. Professional and comfortable environment with knowledgeable staff. Easy parking with a convenient location. Will absolutely return.”

Easily set up your appointment online or with a quick call to us.
Choose from our list of services or call for a free consultation.
Fill out the required health history and waiver forms online (preferred) or in person.
After we check your vital signs, we will begin the infusion process.
Relax for about 30-45 minutes as the IV infusion nourishes your body.
Once your treatment is finished we will recheck your vital signs and go over your easy to follow discharge instructions.
Go about your day renewed and refreshed!
Click the links to discover the many services we provide!
Expect a follow up email, text or phone call to see how you are feeling within 1-3 business days.

Our Services

IV Infusions

Our vitamins, minerals and medications work together to get you back on your feet and on the move in no time.
Our IV therapies are added directly into your bag before your treatment starts to fortify the fluids with medications, antioxidants and vitamins to suit your needs!


In a hurry? We offer injections as well as IV push. We have single dose injections that take less than 15 minutes but have lasting effects! Or choose an add-on as an IV push to get an extra boost during your IV infusion.