Sarah Scott, Owner

I’m a high-energy, world-traveling, adventure-seeking, sunshine-loving, homeschool mama of four. Our family has a long history of promoting and supporting others towards living their BEST LIFE. We have served with numerous medical mission initiatives, fostered over 40 at-risk children, and eagerly pour into our community and the well-being of others. I am excited to continue promoting health and wellness using IV hydration and nutrition as a tool. I have always been passionate about the body’s own healing power and how vitamins and alternatives to “modern medicine” can mitigate the negative effects of acute or chronic declining health. So, here I am!

Stones River Hydration and Wellness is medically supervised by Board-Certified Physician, Joseph Scott, MD. Our collaborative goal is to spread wellness education, care, and superior service to the general public.

Chay Hamilton

Our Mission

To help you be proactive about your health and improve your quality of life with essential hydration and nutrients to support your overall wellness

Our Vision

To be the Murfreesboro, Tennessee area’s premier IV Hydration and Wellness provider, where clients are treated to comfortable, quality, professional care.